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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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TITLE:Euclid:An Interactive Decision Support System with Applications

Prof. Dr. Madjid Tavana, La Salle University, USA


Euclid is a simple and yet sophisticated Interactive Decision Support System that uncovers some of the complexities inherent in the evaluation of strategic alternatives. Euclid uses large datasets and a series of intuitive and analytical methods (i.e., environmental scanning and SWOT Analysis, objective/subjective weight estimation, probability theory, entropy, fuzzy set theory, and theory of displaced ideal) to plot strategic alternatives on a Cartesian coordinate plane relative to their Euclidean distance from the ideal alternative. In this presentation, Dr. Tavana demonstrates the key features of Euclid and presents ten applications of Euclid in government and industry:

 1. Alternative Mission Architecture Assessment for the Human Exploration of Mars at NASA

2. A Priority Assessment Model for Human Spaceflight Mission Planning at NASA  

3. SLICE: A Threat-Response Multi-Criteria Funding Model for Homeland Security Grant Programs

4. Fahrenheit 59: A Benchmarking System for Global Warming in the European Union at NASA

5. Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) at the Department of Defense and Naval Research Lab

6. Assessing International Alliances for NATO Membership Enlargement (Pilot Study)

7. A Fuzzy Euclid Model for Advanced Technology Assessment at NASA

8. Fuzzy Euclid Application to the European Union Enlargement Decision Facing the European Commission (Pilot Study)

9. A Hybrid Delphi-SWOT Model for Oil and Gas Pipeline Planning in Caspian Sea Basin

10. A Risk-Benefit Analysis Model for M®¶decins Sans Fronti®®res (Doctors Without Borders)

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