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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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TITLE:Data Never Sleeps: Challenges of Big Data Processing for Intelligent Interactive & Decision Systems

Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, SPAIN


With the very fast developments in Internet technologies and the emergence of various disruptive technologies, such as IoT and Mobile Computing, we are witnessing how technology is (almost) replacing face to face human interaction. The new user-user interaction and user-system interactions are characterised from being continuous and intensive. Behind such interactions there are Big Data and Big Data Streams being generated, in an endless way, namely, ¡°data never sleeps¡±. We will discuss some issues on how Big Data processing can shape new generation of intelligent interactive & decision systems, how to interact and make decisions in such new context, where decisions are each time more automated, with less human intervention. Challenges of processing Big Data will be addressed and some real life applications will be used to exemplify some interesting issues and methods. We will conclude the talk with some lessons learned and a discussion on why at present Big Data processing and use is not easy for wide adoption by companies, businesses, institutions and organizations alike.

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