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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Massive Data Processing and Scheduling Techniques in Cloud Computing

Tutorial Short Description: 

In this tutorial we will present some massive data processing and scheduling techniques in Cloud Computing. 
In the first part, we will focus on massive data processing techniques for Big Data under efficiency and scalability requirements. We will analyse and discuss techniques related to software patterns for massive data processing, identify the needs for batch vs online processing in order to choose the right paradigm and HPC infrastructure for massive data processing. 
In the second part, we will motivate the need for efficient and scalable scheduling in Cloud computing as multi-objective optimisation problem and will present various scheduling types, including data-aware scheduling and energy-aware scheduling. 
The tutorial will be exemplified with real life examples and case studies.

Tutorial Speaker

Prof.Dr.Fatos Xhafa
Hab. Full Professor
Professor Titular d'Universitat
Dept de Ci¨¨ncies de la Computaci¨®  
Universitat Polit¨¨cnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain.
Dr. Fatos Xhafa received his PhD in Computer Science in 1998 from the Department of Computer Science of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain. Currently, he holds a permanent position of Professor Titular at UPC, Barcelona Tech. He was a Visiting Professor at Birkbeck College, University of London (UK) during academic year 2009-2010 and Research Associate at Drexel University, Philadelphia (USA) during academic term 2004/2005.  Prof. Xhafa has widely published in peer reviewed international journals, conferences/workshops, book chapters and edited books and proceedings in the field (http://dblp.uni-trier.de/pers/hd/x/Xhafa:Fatos). He is awarded teaching and research merits by Spanish Ministry of Science and Education, by IEEE conference and best paper awards. Prof. Xhafa has an extensive editorial and reviewing service. He is editor in Chief of International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing and International Journal of Space-based and Situated Computing from Inderscience and member of EB of  several International Journals and Guest Editors of Special Issues. He is Editor in Chief of the Elsevier Book Series ¡°Intelligent Data-Centric Systems¡± is actively participating in the organization of several international conferences and workshops.  He is a member of IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society and Emerging Technical Subcomm of Internet of Things.
His research interests include parallel and distributed algorithms, massive data processing and collective intelligence, optimization, networking, P2P and Cloud computing, security and trust worthy computing, machine learning and data mining, among others.   

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